Saturday, 30 January 2010

Manford Primary School have been working hard to raise mon
ey for the victims of the Haiti Disaster. On Friday we had a "Hats for Haiti" day!!
Class 3K

We raised lots of money by having a cake sale!!

Our Office staff were sponsored to do the "Trim Trail" ten times!!!

Our team did very well!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Home Access Grant

Information For Parents!
New Government Home Access Programme
Home Access is a government drive which will help low-income families to get access to a computer and the internet to get online at home.
If you are a low income family in receipt of certain benefits you could qualify for a grant to buy
a computer and /or a minimum of one years' internet access.
Depending on what you need, the grant allows eligible applicants to buy one of the following packages:
1. Full package ( a computer, one year's internet access, service and support)
2. A computer with service and support only
3. One year's internet access only
If you think you could be eligible call the Home Access Grant Helpline on 0333 200 1004 to find out more information.